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History of the Historical Society

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Our incorporation papers, original founders

Friends of RHS

As we move forward, I thought it would be appropriate to review the Incorporation of the RHS.

I retrieved the Incorporation Papers of the RHS drawn in 1977.

It has a wonderful Mission Statement. I would propose to distribute this to each of our members through a group emailing once we have consolidated the mailing list.

I think we can work this into a Rooster Article with little Bios of the Incorporators, all distinguished Richmond fellows who carried the Town in the Forest through very difficult times.

I put the papers together as a Powerpoint presentation.

I am not familiar with Alan Harvey but I also found that the Town of Richmond once bought his house which was originally known as the Daniel Harvey House.

I think it is the house next to the Tramp House which we would love to have..

I want to research that real estate transaction. It's reported in the Town Report for 2009

I will need to engage Wendy to see what she can find.

Some accompanying thoughts/text for Doug's superb Rooster Article.

The RHS and RHC met together in May 2021 to join in their common commitment to the preservation of Richmond history.

They were united in their appreciation of the services of Jerry Mills as President of the RHS since 2015 through difficult challenges.

Douglass Barlett has agreed to assume the Presidency of the RHS. Doug's commitment to the Town of Richmond is reflected in his Position as Treasurer of the Richmond Public Library,

and his commitment to the study of Richmond history with his writing here about the Guinea., and his contribution in 2019 on the Baptist presence in Richmond in 1790.

Guinea is one of 10 little neighborhoods of Richmond noted on the wonderful cover of The Town in the Forest by Beatrice Faust.

Hope this helps as a starting point.

Text needs smoothing of course.



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