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Historical Maps

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A Variety of old maps exist to guide us through Who was where in Richmond's Past. This one is a map of the 40 acre lots that Richmond was divided into. The Names in Green are purchasers of land in the 1760's and Richmond's earliest settlers. The Names in Red came somewhat later in the 1700's. Josiah Willard was the person that the people in green bought their land from. He was "a large land owner" according to the Wm. Bassett town history. From whom he bought this land is not stated and more research is needed. Col Josiah Willard held all the earliest land records at his home in WInchester and in 1796 the records were destroyed by fire.

Here is the same map with other somewhat later owners:

a hard to read 1877 map:

Heres what the town looked like in 1886 -- a little less than 100 years later:

and in 1884

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